Safety, Quality, Risk and Compliance Information Solution

A Safety, Quality, Risk and Compliance Information Management solution

A SMIS is a software application that helps organizations manage Quality, Safety, Compliance and Risk effectively.

Eliminating the duplication of effort and the time spent searching for information in a plethora of systems, spreadsheets, databases, reports and filing cabinets, an SMS Information Management solution provides all employees with a central, focal point for all compliance data, materials and activities. In addition, A SMS Information Management solution makes management aware of areas in need of attention if their compliance status is to remain current.

A SMS Information Management solution provides a suite of integrated modules to manage business functions effectively and efficiently including:

  • Document Control

  • Audits

  • Corrective / Preventative Action (CAPA)

  • Incident Reporting and Investigations

  • Analysis of Findings, CAPA’s, Incidents, Customer Complaints, Returns, etc.

  • Assets

  • Employee Competence & Development

  • Customer Feedback

  • Supplier Performance

A SMS Information Management solution should be highly configurable in terms of structure, data security, workflows, alerts and escalation to make it capable of reflecting and managing your organization as you see fit. The solution can also be integrated with other systems within your organization to avoid duplication of data and effort.

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