Alitek Enterprise Information Management

Developing Strategies. Delivering Solutions.

Alitek’s services are focused on developing strategies and delivering solutions that help companies organize, integrate and control their information to increase efficiency, access and innovation.

Some of the valuable solutions that Alitek has delivered include the following:

  • OpenText Partner – The tools you use are just as important as the methodology that you use to implement them. OpenText provides the most comprehensive suite of ECM software solutions in the market. Through our partnership with OpenText and experience in delivering enterprise information solutions; we have built a reputation as a premier EIM solution provider.

  • SAP document management – Integrating SAP systems with company document management strategy.

  • Enterprise Search – Easily getting access to information where it lives.

  • Information Document Management – Designing and implementing strategies to manage content to improve business processes and get people the content they need to make great decisions.

  • E-Discovery – Insuring that the organization has the ability to respond to discoveries efficiently and limiting liability.

  • Contracts Management – Streamlining the contracts lifecycle processes and making sure that they are available to the people that need them.

  • SharePoint Document Management – We have the experience and skills to integrate SharePoint solutions into a company’s overall content strategy.