Dydon AI-driven Solutions

Dydon currently provides five solutions for providing Augmented Decision Data and Insights, increasing GRC (governance, risk management and compliance) efficiency and costs savings:

  1. Dydon Back-Office Automation: automatic and continuous reads of all incoming and outgoing electronic content, including Text, Mail, Speech, SMS (short message service), etc.
  2. Dydon Legal Regulatory Management: constant screening all regulatory documents and information, includes reconciliation with existing internal legal contracts.
  3. Dydon Portfolio Management: crawls and screens all internal and external corporate data, generates useful KPIs and aggregates them using predictive reasoning.
  4. `Dydon Compliance Radar: constantly monitors the various aspects of a company’s performance regarding governance, risk and compliance regulations.
  5. Dydon Outsourcing Radar: constantly monitors and rates any outsourcing partners.

The information and insights offered are contextualized across all value chains covering the various aspects of a firm’s governance, risk and compliance requirements. Solutions leveraging latest AI and ML methods and concepts within the GRC space are clearly a hot topic everyone is aiming for right now and Dydon already offers solutions for this key topic.