CAPA Solution for SAP and OpenText

Digital Solution for OpenText and SAP infrastructure.


What is CAPA?

Corrective Actions Preventive Actions is what defines CAPA and Corrective Preventive Action stands for CPA.Then there is Root Cause Analysis or recommended corrective action. Which is preferred in industry? We have heard them all and CAPA is generally accepted as the process term. Anyone can suggest a corrective preventive action to mitigate the cause or reduce the harmful effects of an undesirable situation.

All regulated industries should have a documented process for CAPA, a typical process follows:

  • Incident or Non-Conformity is reported

  • Incident is triaged (given a priority)

  • Based on incident type and priority; Work Order is created to correct problem

  • Corrective action is taken, all action taken is documented

  • Based on severity of incident, Root Case Analysis (Root Cause Analysis) may be required

  • Based on Root Cause Analysis, a Preventative Procedure may be created

  • Any Lessons Learned are documented and made available

What is the Sextant Digital Solution?

Another definition of Corrective Action Preventative Action within a Risk Management view is as follows:

  • An accident or incident is reported

  • Safety(security, etc) managers are notified

  • Preliminary investigation and risk assessment is performed

  • Targeted closure date set to communicate to all personnel urgency to close the issue

  • Safety managers review offered/recommended corrective actions preventive actions

  • Safety managers may recommend their own corrective preventive actions

  • Safety manager assigns issue to ONE responsible manager

  • Responsible manager reviews recommended corrective preventive actions

  • Responsible manager either accepts recommended corrective preventive actions, or comes up with his own

  • Responsible manager assigns corrective preventive actions to personnel within his control with a deadline

  • Personnel assigned to the corrective preventive action completes task and notifies responsible manager

  • Responsible manager either accepts or rejects performance of the corrective action preventive action

  • If accepted, and this is the last corrective preventive action to be finished, safety manager is notified

  • If rejected, assigned personnel is notified that performance has been rejected


An automated or digital Corrective Action Preventative Action (CAPA) process allows managers to monitor corrective preventive actions’ progress and identify road blocks that prevent issues from meeting their targeted closure date deadlines.

It is critical for managers to easily review and manage corrective actions in one simple view.


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