Dydon – Why is Dydon Different

Dydon‘s capability to intelligently gather external data and combine it with internal information via transparent aggregation and analysis creates Augmented Decision insights that are valuable in numerous areas:

(i) constant monitoring of regulatory changes requirements,

(ii) intelligent Monitoring and assessment of public data,

(iii) capturing and aggregation of various KPI resulting in ONE quality rating number including identification of key weaknesses.

(iv) constant Monitoring of potential Reputational Risks or other external threats,

(v) identification of key topics and key influencing groups in public media (important for influencing public opinion), and

vi) monitoring investment rules to avoid mis-allocations.

Due to the sheer mass of data available to them, organizations are hard pressed to monitor in real time the external and internal data and information necessary for them to (i) identify internal threat points (e.g. compliance failures, risk management issues, etc.); (ii) provide early risk detection and relevant web content; and (iii) comprehensively communicate the actual risk situation to all value chains and management levels.

Dydon overcomes this dilemma by intelligently combining externally captured, read and filtered information with key internal data and presents augmented decision insights in an easy to understand fashion.