Dydon Showcases

Show case: Monitoring of compliance and risk weak points and correlation with external business events

Challenge: Continuous monitoring of internal weak point in compliance and risk management, early detection of risk relevant web content and comprehensive communication of the actual risk situation to all management levels

Solution: Dydon continuously measures quality and efficiency of any selected business topic (e.g. compliance-risk efficiency, service quality, SLA quality, corporate strategy, etc.), detects instantly weak points and searches the web intelligently to find relevant information for counter measures or/and exposure.

Compliance & Risk Benchmarking Advantages

  • Continuous monitoring and risk benchmarking
  • Linking of external and internal information
  • Global web content monitoring and intelligent content analysis

Intelligent Web Analytics: The Dydon web service uses highly specialized ontologies (knowledge bases) for the financial industry, risk management and compliance to analyses and assess web information. The knowledge base is constantly expanded using machine learning algorithms.

Detection and elimination of risk relevant incidents: Continuous monitoring and linking of internal and external information and date (e.g. regulatory, external risk, internal business data, web news, etc.) and simple, comprehensive display of all findings in a dashboard.

Smart Rating: Aggregate to one single value