Healthcare Quality, Safety, Risk and Compliance Information Management

Today’s health systems are continuously seeking ways to improve current operations in the face of reducing costs. They look for ways in to expand capabilities and at the same time improve patient outcomes. Value can be increased through critical examination of your current state against your desired state.

Many health systems due to a lack of resources, disregard the benefits of:

  • Quality System Management

    • A pro-active comprehensive approach for the entire health system

    • Closed-loop issue reporting, cialis corrective action, communication and prevention

    • Automation supporting your accreditation requirements (Q-Pulse – software sales, configuration & training)

  • Process Improvement

    • Current state mapping & evaluation using Lean Six Sigma techniques

    • Facilitated change management sessions capturing the expertise of your team and ours

    • Future state development & guidance through re-design (if a re-design is needed)

    • Assistance in gaining internal buy-in at all levels

  • Implementation support

    • Policy & Procedure Development

    • Documented, linked procedures

    • Connecting departments and people

    • Establishing responsibilities & accountability

  • Compliance Auditing

    • Preparing you for your next accreditation or regulatory inspection

    • Accreditation, Federal & State inspection preparedness

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation

    • Goal Setting & Alignment

    • SWOT Analysis

    • Initiative Development

    • Project Management

  • Project Management

    • Project Management

Expanding Capabilities…Improving Quality Patient Outcomes

  • Custom Procedure Tray Operational Set-up

    • Feasibility Study

    • Complete Operational Set-up for both sterile & non-sterile

    • Regulatory Guidance & FDA Registration

  • Patient Safety Initiatives (Medication Delivery) – Planning & Support

    • Bulk Repackaging of Medications to Single Unit of Use Bar-coded Packages for Safer Delivery to the Patient – (In Your Health System)

    • Regulatory Guidance

Building Self-Sustaining Value-Added Networks…

  • Consolidated Services Centers / Purchasing Coalition

    • Feasibility Study

    • Complete Project Management & Operational Set-up

    • Facilitation of Formation, Charter & Guiding Principles

    • Regulatory Guidance