Alitek Solutions Implementation

Transform Your Information

Alitek’s first priority for each client engagement is to understand your unique situation. Whether it is getting the value out of your content or protecting your organization from outdated content, we work with you to build and implement solutions that solve your problems and prepare you for future growth. We deploy solutions that will be embraced by the business to meet real business needs, not just the implementation of technology for technology’s sake.

Our Solutions Implementation Process includes all aspects of project execution from strategy and conceptualization, through initiation, planning, execution and operations.

Strategy and Conceptualization

Alitek’s team works with each client to define the right Information Management strategy for them, focusing on their unique business problems and helping them find business value and using technology.


Once the strategy is defined, Alitek helps rationalize and prioritize the projects and recommends the best solutions to improve efficiency and prepare for future growth.


Alitek excels in project planning and management. We work in partnership with our clients to develop implementation plans that are realistic and understandable. When applicable, legacy applications are evaluated and rationalized, and an application decommissioning roadmap is set forth.


Our team manages every aspect of the execution of projects, including technical architecture, systems integration, data and content extraction and migration, change management, testing and deployment of solutions, and retirement of legacy applications. Following deployment, we perform a project review to get direct feedback from our customers.


Alitek has experience partnering with companies to ensure that the operations of their IT systems, processes and programs are running smoothly and efficiently. We provide ad-hoc support when necessary and dedicated teams when needed