Dydon – Artificial Intelligence

Dydon specializes in developing augmented decision modelling and compliance processing and in leveraging Artificial Intelligence software tools to significantly reduce processing costs while measurably improving decision making efficiency.

Dydon continuously captures all types of internal and external data and applies artificial intelligence and machine learning tools based on a central taxonomy to structure, contextualize, process and efficiently analyse the captured data into information to be used by the AI.

Dydon’s predictive reasoning model generates forward-looking management information and insights by Intelligently combining key internal and external data. It presents this information and these insights via strikingly intuitive dashboards.

Dydon achieves significant cost reductions (up to 50%) and measurable efficiency increases (up to 30%) by applying effective AI tools to the firm’s governance, compliance and risk management activities.

Dydon offers its clients a generic yet flexible AI platform, which combines tailored-to-fit artificial intelligence and machine learning methodologies with predictive reasoning models and intuitive dashboards to generate contextualized augmented clear and concise business data to be used in decision making.


Dydon regularly reviews all artificial intelligence and machine learning modules utilized by the Dydon platform.  These are enhanced as needed. As new and better modules are identified, they are easily incorporated into the platform. The flexible platform approach allows the seamless integration/interaction of/with AI solutions that the client may already have inhouse.