Automated Oil & Gas Field Ticket Solution

Field Ticket Typical Situation and Solution Requirements


Field Ticket Automation Solution for SAP and OpenText

Typical Pain Points

In many operations, typical pain points exist that could be resolved with our solution approach to automate and optimize the Field Ticket  process.

  • Ensuring Work Permits accompany the Contractor Daily Recap form (CDR) delivered to the Contractor is manual and difficult to verify the contractor has filled out the CDR
  • Contractors manually fill out the form.   Manually completed CDRs can be difficult to read due to poor hand writing, stains or other damage to forms
  • Paper CDR forms can be accidently misplaced
  • Any attachments or supporting materials that a contractor may attach to a CDR are difficult to track
  • Once filed, CDR and any supporting documents are difficult to find
  • Approval of CDR by the company is difficult to audit
  • From SAP it is not possible find and view any CDR attachments
  • eDiscovery of CDR and any supporting materials is manual.

Value Proposition

We believe that there are significant benefits in automating the Field Ticket process:

  • Companies are faced with manual, paper-based and legacy processes
  • Massive amounts of transactional volumes between contractor/operator activities
  • Contractor spends excessive time driving to/from field offices for signatures
  • Possible over payment/coding errors
  • Lack of real-time knowledge of activities

A Field Ticket Solution Requirements

Our Field Ticket automation approach starts with a “Work Order” form that will be used to trigger a Field Ticket for work to be performed by a external contractors. The “Work Order” form will allow the solution to automatically choose the correct electronic Contractor Daily Recap (CDR) form (if multiple are required) and the contractor(s) that will receive the CDR.

  • The solution provides the ability to send the appropriate contractor an electronic CDR along with possible attachments (Permits, Instructions, ) for them to electronicly fill out at completion of work
  • The solution supports the contractor to be able to attach supporting files if appropriate, store the CDR and any attachments in OpenText Content Server, route the CDR for review and approval, pass the CDR data to the company contract management application and SAP, route CDR for review and approval, pass CDR data to the company Contract Management application and associate the CDR with the SAP Invoice created by the interface between the Contract Management application and SAP.

The solution allows SAP and OpenText users to retrieve the CDR and any associated attachment from either SAP or OpenText Content Server.

Solution Benefits

Based on these identified pain points, Sextant Digital identified some benefits that could be achieved by automating and optimizing this process.

This proposed solution could drive operational efficiency in these areas:

  • Increase real time visibility of field data in contractor/operator systems
    • Planning and Scheduling
    • Project Cost Control – (Budget/Forecasting/Tracking Commitments)
  • Decrease invoice coding errors by capturing the correct information in the field
  • Decrease Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and Invoicing Processing Costs
  • Decrease the company’s invoice processing costs by standardizing the format and protocol by automating (CDR form) the data used to create the invoice
  • Increase contract compliance and supplier cash flow
  • Drive mobile technology. This would eliminate re-typing data from spreadsheet or paper into another system

In the future, same solution approach may allow the company, Contractors, and Marketplaces to exchange field data beyond just billing (i.e. operational, safety, job logs, and tool performance into a software program.


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